Mind Labs

Creating technology that takes us into tomorrow

Our skills

What do we have

Software development

We have years of programming skills in PHP, Python, R, JavaScript, SQL, and other languages to create variety of applications.

Data science

We are working frequently on analysing big data in the field of medical research to innovate new methods for scientists.


We will gladly share our expertise and provide consultations for our clients to help them to reach their goals with the highest quality.

Our projects

What keeps us ticking

Cracking the unsolved mysteries

Improving public health by doing medical research with data science

Our research department is contributing to science by developing software for medical data analysis. Our goal is to apply the latest findings in research and improve the current methods and build new cutting-edge solutions to facilitate the field.

Our other work

As important as our main projects

We are involved in several different projects with our clients utilising various technologies, including but not limited to using blockchain for data storage and verification. On a side, we have also been improving blockchain based cryptocurrency protocols as well as developing new solutions for our clients.

We want to hear about you

Let us know what is on your mind and let us create the path to your goal together

We are interested in finding new collaborators and dedicate ourselves to help you to reach your goals.
Feel free to contact us and discuss any ideas that you may have.

We are where you are

The world has globalised, and so have we.

We can provide our services to you no matter where you are.

We are there with you.

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Mind Labs OÜ

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Our philosophy

Often businesses are being led to work for the maximum revenue, we work because we have the purpose. We are keen to work on the projects that we believe in and which will have an impact outside of the private sector as well. We would like to work with you instead of for you and help you to reach your goals, and even taking it one step further.

Creating impossible can only happen when we both are lit inside.